Don’t expect a simple cover to provide the same degree of protection that a Robosuit® can afford. Whether you’re battling extremes of temperature, blast media or another form of contamination—Roboworld® provides tailored protection with robot covers, sleeves, jackets, skirts, aprons and (of course) full protective suits.

Since 1993, Roboworld® has been protecting industrial robots and other critical components in extreme operating conditions. We also protect sensitive environments from contaminants originating from the robot, gripper, or other automation machinery.

The world’s largest robotic OEMs, integrators and end-users turn to us to design and provide custom-manufactured Robosuits® for their equipment. Whether you are in search of a simple protective sleeve, apron, jacket or tooling cover—we have the resources and capability to “make it happen.”

Partner with Roboworld to protect your investment, reduce your maintenance costs, increase your automation uptime and improve your bottom line.

Consider your alternatives, then give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

“An unprotected industrial robot coated in die lube. Which maintenance technician are you going to tap to rebuild this arm?”


Protect your investment

Since 1993 Roboworld® has protected industrial robots in extreme manufacturing environments. We partner with OEMs, integrators and end-users alike to provide unparalleled levels of robot protection.


Extend the life of your robot.

Grit, caustic chemicals, weld slag and sharp metal turnings can render your robot inoperative in short order. Keep these contaminants off your robot and make routine maintenance more efficient and effective. Protect and prolong the life of your industrial automation investment.

Pendant Armor®

Stay protected. Stay productive.

Using a blend of industry insight, advanced materials knowledge, and aviation manufacturing techniques, Roboworld is proud to introduce the world’s first mass produced, patented, energy- absorbing frame to protect teach pendants.


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