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The Toughest Suit for the Cleanest Job


Project Goal: Protecting robots from harsh car wash environment
Protection Parameters: Protect high-carbon steel internal parts and finishes from harsh sprays, mist, humidity, and corrosive low- and high-PH soaps
Facility Type: Car Wash
Companies Involved: Car Wash Robotics, Roboworld
Timing: 2022 to present


Car Wash Robotics with Robosuit

Robots are fast, efficient, and repeatable, which is why automation has proven itself in the manufacturing space for more than 60 years. It’s also why John Neyland, Jr., CEO and founder of Car Wash Robotics, went all-in more than three years ago on robotics technology in the car wash industry.

There are more than 25,000 car washes in the U.S., and Neyland saw an opportunity to automate key stages in the cleaning process and help increase a car wash owner’s operating income and offset margin compressions.

Enter the robot. Neyland’s robotic offerings are designed to save energy, reduce water and soap usage by 30 percent, and decrease the number of employees (from four to two) needed in a car wash’s prep area. The goal? Reduce an owner’s car wash operating expenses by as much as 50 percent.


While Neyland knew that using his robotic machinery inside a car wash would significantly cut costs, keeping these robots protected from the harsh operating environment was going to be a challenge — so much so that even the robot manufacturer had some doubts.

But, for car wash owners, protecting the $90K+ investment from the powerful sprays, corrosive low- and high-PH soaps, and constant humidity and mist was a must. While the robot manufacturer offered Neyland a sock option, he knew that protecting the high-carbon steel internal parts and finishes would require a tougher and more customized solution.


Car Wash Robotics with Robosuit in use

Neyland sought a better, tougher, and more reliable way to protect his robots and the investments his customers were making in them. That’s when he found Roboworld, and he immediately knew he found the right solution.

“When I called Roboworld, I was amazed that they already had the exact pattern I needed for the model robot I was using,” said Neyland. “As soon as I explained the environment in which our robots were working, the Roboworld team recommended a puncture- and chemical-resistant material that wasn’t too heavy and still allowed the robot to move smoothly at each axis point.”

Roboworld recommended that Neyland use a Robosuit constructed from Hypalon, an exceptional abrasion- and chemical-resistant material that can withstand high and low temperatures.


Neyland initially tested one Robosuit with great success. It protected the robot from the harsh sprays, humidity, and soaps it was exposed to daily. Neyland estimates the Robosuit will extend the life of his robots by as much as 30 percent. He believes in the product so much that each of his robots will now come with a Robosuit as part of the purchase.

Neyland plans on adding color choices for car wash owners and is working on smaller robot offerings for wheel cleaning and precision tire shine/protectant application.

“We will definitely be working with Roboworld on future product offerings,” said Neyland. “The craftsmanship of the Robosuit is second to none. We’re so thankful we’ve found a partner we can trust who we know will grow and evolve with our needs.”


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