Introducing Pendant Armor®, the first shock absorbing, chemical resistant frame designed to protect teach pendants from damage if they are accidentally dropped or pulled from a work surface.

Since 1993, Roboworld® has been protecting robots in extreme manufacturing conditions. Now, we’ve taken protection one-step further by solving an industry-wide problem.

Protection Features

You wouldn’t purchase a high end smart phone and not protect it with a case. It’s become common practice to cover our phones to protect them from accidental drops or screen damage. A simple protective cover can save you hundreds of dollars by keeping your phone intact.

Have you thought about what an hour’s worth of production time will cost if someone dropped and broke your teach pendant? What about a week (or two) to repair or replace that same teach pendant? When your teach pendant breaks, your production is at risk.

Protect this critical component of your automation chain. Without it–you’re stuck. Pendant Armor® offers protection for the pendant, screen, feet, cables and more. It enhances the teach pendant’s durability, functionality and ergonomics in your manufacturing environment.

Shock Absorbing Material

Manufactured from shock absorbing, chemical resistant, Santoprene, Pendant Armor® guards the teach pendant from drops, spills, and extreme manufacturing conditions.

Proactive Protection

Pendant Armor® protects the exposed components most often damaged when the pendant hits the ground.

Lightweight Design

Pendant Armor’s perforated, open-backed design minimizes additional weight without sacrificing critical protection.

Tailored Fit

Pendant Armor® is designed and engineered to allow for custom molding around each OEM’s unique pendant architecture, no matter the size or the shape.

Problem Solved

A manufacturer simply can’t afford to lose valuable production time. So, when a crew member drops a teach pendant, the floor supervisor’s anger and frustration all leads to one conclusion: ‘production just stopped and I cannot afford the downtime.’

Using a blend of industry insight, engineering expertise, advanced materials knowledge, and aviation experience, Pendant Armor® provides the ultimate protection for teach pendants. The shock absorbing, chemical resistant frame is the first complete solution to this industry-wide problem so we placed teach pendant protection front and center for the leaders of manufacturing.


Protect your investment

Since 1993 Roboworld® has protected industrial robots in extreme manufacturing environments. We partner with OEMs, integrators and end-users alike to provide unparalleled levels of robot protection.


Extend the life of your robot.

Grit, caustic chemicals, weld slag and sharp metal turnings can render your robot inoperative in short order. Keep these contaminants off your robot and make routine maintenance more efficient and effective. Protect and prolong the life of your industrial automation investment.

Pendant Armor®

Stay protected. Stay productive.

Using a blend of industry insight, advanced materials knowledge, and aviation manufacturing techniques, Roboworld is proud to introduce the world’s first mass produced, patented, energy- absorbing frame to protect teach pendants.


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