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Technical Information


HDPE Specifications

Hangers, Cradle Adapters

Santoprene Specification

Bumpers, Cable Cuffs, Replacement Feet

PET Specification

Screen Protectors


HDPE Chemical Compatibility

Hangers, Cradle Adapters

Santoprene Chemical Compatibility

Bumpers, Cable Cuffs, Replacement Feet

PET Chemical Compatibility

Screen Protectors


This section is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

Roboworld Molded Products designs and manufactures protective, energy-absorbing frames and accessories for robotic teach pendants. These energy-absorbing frames and accessories protect teach pendants from extreme operating environments and from damage if accidentally dropped.

Roboworld Molded Products are marketed under the trade name Pendant Armor® and includes designs for the following teach pendants: ABB IRC5 flexPendant, ABB S4C flexPendant, Fanuc A05B-2256-series iPendant®, Fanuc A05B-2255 series iPendant®, Fanuc A05B-2518 series iPendant®, Fanuc A05B-2490-series iPendant, Fanuc A05B-2301-series iPendant®, Kuka KRC4 smartPAD, Kuka KRC1/2 smartPAD, Universal Robots teach pendants (e-Series) and (CB-series), Yaskawa SMART pendant, Yaskawa YRC1000 pendant, Yaskawa DX200/DX100/FS100 teach pendant, Yaskawa NX100 teach pendant, and Yaskawa XRC teach pendant. Additional designs are currently under development.

The following patents apply to Roboworld Molded Products:

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