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Robosuits® shield your robot from extremes in temperature and allow you to employ automation in applications where an unprotected robot could not otherwise be used.

Low temperatures increase the viscosity of lubricants and can slow robot operation, or lead to individual joint errors. Roboworld employs self-contained, automatic heating units to keep the suit internals at or above your OEM-specified minimum temperatures. Our heaters can deliver between 6,000-12,000 BTUs/hour to the Robosuit.

High-temperature environments vary based on application. We routinely cover robots in the steel, die casting, roll-forming, foundry and induction-heating sectors. We offer several options to cool our suits in these extreme environments as well, including: high-flow ventilation packages, spot cooling, full-suit environmental control units (ECUs), and aprons and blast panels (used to shield from radiant heat sources).