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The robotic blasting environment is incredibly dirty and can disable a robot within hours if left unprotected. This is one of the most extreme automation environments that robots operate in. With confined spaces and aggressive blast media eating at seals and exposed areas of your robot, a protective cover is essential to maintaining production uptime and cell throughput. We have tackled blasting applications that have included cut wire media, high-pressure water jets, oxide media, shot peening, stone cutting, tungsten carbide, and wet-blast media. A Robosuits® effectively isolates your robot from the elements of these environments. We offer 3 styles of blast curtain protection: curtains, full robot suit (Robosuit), and hybrid (curtain and robot upper-arm coverage). We have also developed bespoke protection for the following OEMs (and more): Durr, Empire, Guyson, and Praxair.