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Teach Pendant Repairs

It’s inevitable–your robotic teach pendant will be dropped. Extreme operating environments can also damage your teach pendant. We know this because 75% of smartphone users protect them with cases. Most of us, however, overlook protection when it comes to teach pendants, which are a much more expensive investment.


Damaged Teach Pendants

The handheld nature of the pendants creates a high risk for damage from falls and exposes them to more environmental conditions than a fixed terminal interface. Unpredictable situations are almost guaranteed in an industrial environment, no matter how careful an operator may be. Handheld pendants are prone to both interior and exterior damage, but most visibly cracked screens, damaged e-stop buttons, and broken hangers.

Here are a few reputable companies offering repair options:

Adding teach pendant protection is one option in reducing the risk associated with robotic processes. It is important to consider the environments the robot is subject to, including all potential hazards and their frequency of occurrence. The risk of damage correlates with the frequency of interaction and use of the pendant. Reducing risk within each process will, in turn, reduce downtime and repair costs, while protecting production as a whole. One solution to protect teach pendants from damage is an exterior cover not unlike those used to protect modern smartphones.

Teach Pendant Damage

A leader in industrial robot protection, Roboworld, has developed a product called Pendant Armor® to protect teach pendants to reduce repair costs. Repair costs are not only expensive but have you considered the cost of lost production while the pendant is being repaired? Protecting this vital piece of equipment is critical. Roboworld Molded Products also sells screen protectors, non-slip feet, wire cradle hangers, and other items to keep teach pendants safe and operational.

For more information on Pendant Armor® protection to avoid additional repair costs in the future, please visit our online store. Pendent Armor® is currently available for OEMs such as ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, Universal Robot, Wittmann and Yaskawa-Motoman.