Where are you located and how long have you been in business?

We manufacture our Robosuits at two locations outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee has a long tradition of machine tool design and heavy-industry expertise. We are proud to draw from this pool of talented resources.

Our corporate and sales offices are located in four geographically diverse cities. We serve the vast majority of our customers within their own time zone. Roboworld has been a family owned/operated business for over 25 years and is currently operating under its second-generation of ownership.

  Will you provide customer references?

Certainly. We pride ourselves on doing business with the utmost integrity. We will gladly refer you to those customers, OEMs, and/or integrators whom we’ve done business with. In rare instances, some of our customers ask that we NOT disclose their names, post photos of their robots, or upload video due to the proprietary nature of the applications they are performing. We honor their requests without exception.

If you would like a reference for your particular application or industry, please let us know. We’ll do our best to put you in contact with several customers.

  How long have you been in business?

Roboworld was founded in 1993 to serve the EXTREME MANUFACTURING ENVIRONMENTS with bespoke protective Robosuits. For more information, click here. Pendant Armor was introduced in 2015. Roboworld Molded Products, LLC was incorporated in 2016.

  I have a warranty claim. Who do I contact?

  I have a question not found here. Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact for additional information.


  Can I purchase Pendant Armor online or should I request a quote first?

Yes, please visit the Pendant Armor store. If you have specialized billing requirements, please feel free to request a quote.

  Are there installation instructions?

Yes — Please see the individual product page in our online store to find the specific installation instructions (a hard copy is also included with each Pendant Armor shipment).

  Can I get quantity discounts?

Yes — purchases of 100-pcs (or more) of one-specific model Pendant Armor bumper are eligible for quantity discounts. Please email your request for quantity discounts to An individual quote will be provided.

  I am an integrator/distributor. Can I get distribution pricing?

Yes — integrators and distributors are eligible for quantity discounts. Please email your request for integrator/distributor pricing to A quote will be sent directly to you.

  Will you custom-brand Pendant Armor with my logo?

Yes — for a discussion of co-branding opportunities, please submit your request to

  How do I know if my application is suitable for Pendant Armor protection?

Please refer to the chemical compatibility information. Santoprene is widely used in automotive “under hood” applications. It is routinely exposed to aggressive chemicals. Refer to your MSDS documentation for a list of chemicals in your specific application(s).

  Are your Pendant Armor bumpers “silicone free?”

Yes, Santoprene is inherently silicone-free, and Pendant Armor bumpers are manufactured in a facility that utilizes 100% silicone-free release agents.

  Are Pendant Armor bumpers available in colors other than black?

Yes. Contact for more details.

  How do I know if Pendant Armor is effective?

Please reference our third-party drop test.

  What is your warranty for Pendant Armor?

Seller warrants Santoprene™ bumper products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use to the original buyer for the lifetime of the product. Accessory products including plastic or glass screen protectors, hangers and cradle adapters are warranted against defects in material and workmanship under normal use to the original buyer for a period of 90-days from date of purchase.

  Does Pendant Armor protect my teach pendant from all possible damage scenarios?

No — Even the most effective bumper design cannot protect from all possible damage scenarios. Furthermore—were anyone to make this claim, we believe it would only encourage abuse of the product. As such, Roboworld Molded Products, LLC does not make any claim to repair, replace or otherwise compensate users for consequential damages to the pendant arising from the use of our protective bumper. Please see our product Terms and Conditions for additional information.

  My local safety regulations require additional access to the E-Stop button. Can I modify your bumper to meet these requirements?

Yes. Pendant Armor bumpers are designed to comply with ISO 13850 standards for access to the E-Stop button. In addition, we have deliberately molded cutting guidelines around E-Stop buttons for those customers who may have more-restrictive (local) standards in place. A utility knife may be used to reduce the height of the E-Stop brow. By doing so, you may reduce the bumper’s effectiveness to protect your pendant.

  I don’t see Pendant Armor offered for my teach pendant. Will you develop product-specific protection for my teach pendant or controller?

Yes. Please contact to start the discussion.

  Where are Pendant Armor bumpers manufactured?

We manufacture Pendant Armor bumpers across the globe to meet specific market needs. All Pendant Armor® bumpers are finished, washed and packaged in the USA.

  Can I use my existing cradle once my pendant is protected with a Pendant Armor bumper?

Not always. In some instances, the OEMs cradle will accommodate a “bumpered” pendant. In those cases where it will not, Roboworld Molded Products, LLC offers cradle adapters for your use at very modest cost. Refer to your specific make/model on the shopping tab for additional information.

  Are Pendant Armor bumpers removable?

Yes. No adhesives, tapes or other bonding agents are required to hold the bumper in place. Optional components (such as non-slip feet) must be adhered to the bumper, but are removable with minimal effort, and impart no damage to the pendant itself.

  Do you offer individual replacement parts for my pendant or bumper?

Yes. Cable wraps, replacement hangers, screen protectors, non-slip feet and other accessories may be ordered individually for your specific make/model.


  How long should I expect my Robosuit to last?

Every application is unique. It’s akin to asking, “How long will a pair of sneakers last?” Well—it largely depends upon whether a 65-year-old woman will be wearing the sneakers or a 10-year old boy! The same applies to a Robosuit.

If your robot is operating in an indoor, air-conditioned, palletizing environment—and you simply desire to protect the robot from dust/dirt/debris; are only operating the arm at 40% servo-speeds; take the necessary steps to keep cabling, pneumatic lines, and other obstacles from rubbing on the suit—you should expect years of service from your Robosuit. Many of our customer’s suits are approaching 7-10 years of service without the need for repair/replacement.

On the other hand, if your robot is operating in an unconditioned, hot, wet, sandy, foundry application, and you expose the suit to 1000F temperatures; move the arm at nearly 100% servo-speeds, allow cabling, pneumatic lines or other obstacles to rub against the suit, you will need to repair or replace it within a much shorter interval.

  How much does a Robosuit cost?

Pricing for Robosuits ranges from several hundred dollars (US) to many thousands of dollars. Pricing depends upon too many factors to cite here, but consider this:

  • What size is your robot?
  • How much of the robot do you need to cover (full suit, upper-arm sleeve, or just the wrist to tool flange)?
  • What environment are you exposing the robot to (heat, cold, solvents, vapors, vacuum, etc.)?
  • What material(s) must we use to protect the robot from your environment?
  • Do you require supplemental conditioning (heating, cooling or pressurization) within the suit?
  • Will you need a gripper cover, valve-pack covers, etc.?
  • Does the robot controller or teach pendant need to be covered?

Allow us to take the guess-work out of your hands. With over 5,000 Robosuits delivered to date, we have the right combination of expertise and materials to find you the lowest cost solution to cover your robot.

  What (exactly) does a Robot Suit (Robosuit) cover?

Each Robosuit is designed to fit over the casting of the robot. We cover the robot joints, stationary base (as an option) and terminate the suit at the tool flange. Robot cable covers (if part of the OEM architecture) are included—for example when a large bundle is routed from the lower-arm to the shoulder. Tooling cables/wire, air hoses, j-boxes, valve packs or (custom) electrical runs are usually NOT covered by the suit. These must be removed from the robot prior to suiting the robot, and then re-installed through the provided mounting plate covers. These covers are provided as part of your purchase and are located at the OEM hardware mounting pads, and/or electrical connections. Two examples are shown here:

Custom cable wraps for many robot applications (including hoses and valve packs) may be ordered.

  Do you only make suits for the robot?

No. We offer a wide range of protective covers. In our 20+ years of service to the automation industry, we have broadened our product portfolio to include many of the automation components exposed to harsh operating environments. Accessories include: gripper covers, end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) covers, controller covers (heated/cooled), teach pendant covers (heated and padded options), balancing-unit covers, stationary base enclosures (made from plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.), stationary base covers, and many, many more items. Click here for a list of those items we’ve manufactured in the past. Have a unique need that isn’t listed? Request a quote.

  Do you stock Robosuits?

No (and Yes!) — each suit is custom made to your specification. You need not pay for a full suit if you only need to cover the robot upper arm or wrist. We manufacture your suit to your unique needs. We won’t sell you more than you need.

Lead times vary throughout the year (as manufacturing cycles across the globe often dictate). We strive to maintain 4-6 week turnaround times. In some instances (particularly when we must pattern a newly released robot model), we work with our integrators and OEMs to pattern new suits as soon as they arrive Stateside.

In some instances, customers have upgraded/modified their Robosuits and have asked if they can return UNUSED SHELF STOCK suits. We accommodate many of these requests. As a result, we have a very limited inventory of NEW, NEVER BEFORE INSTALLED Robosuits. If you find yourself in an emergency outage situation—and require an immediate asset, please call us at (513) 633-2585 to see if we have a unit available in inventory.

  Can you repair (or modify) my Robosuit?

Yes–on both accounts. Our manufacturing facilities pioneered many of the unique features built-into each and every Robosuit. Who better to understand the unique requirements of your particular robot’s full operating envelope, suit material properties and joint options other than Roboworld? We evaluate the condition of the returned suit, and then inform you whether-or-not it can be repaired, and at what cost. In most cases, repairs take only days and can be prioritized if you are grappling with an outage situation.

  Where do I find my robot data plate (make/model)?

Click here for more information.